Thursday, 18 December 2008

In love with love

‘I am the one in love with love ‘, this is what I have been writing in about me section of my profile .It has raised a few eyebrows (as if I care), few sarcastic smiles that lead to comment ‘so u are in love again ‘, ‘I know what you mean’ expressions from my darling friends and sometimes from total strangers. Over the year I know this is what defines me perfectly, as I am more in love with love each passing day...

What does it mean to me to be in love? It’s always been about the feeling than the person. I absolutely loved the guys in my life, now I feel I was more in love with the way I feel when I was in love than the person.

I never had to weigh the feelings for months to know whether I was in love or not. I just knew it and never tried to hide it. I did the same when I was out of love, just let the person know .I took the blame, said sorry and moved on. Easier said than done, when relationships break, there are accusations, lies, blame games and endless nights of crying. I have been through all that and more .

When in the middle of sobbing one of the friends would say ‘that’s what happen when you are in love ‘,

I would retort ‘don’t say anything about love; it’s still the best thing that can happen to you’.

The truth is I believed in love more with each passing day. I still believe like a stupid love stuck teenager that pure, pious love that lasts till eternity is real.

I watch the moon with a fascination, enjoy the rains and sunsets. I smile at the love birds that walk hand in hand in streets; I hug old couples who have been together since what seems like eternity. My heart reaches out to people who fall out of love, I pray for friends who want to bitten by love bug.

I love being in love … with love.


Jagjit said...

Nice perspective about love. The feeling bigger than the person. I think what's more important is being loved, being wanted - whoever does that, and giving becomes all the more important when you are asking for eternal love. cheers.

divinediu said...

Love hurts and heals at the same darn time!!!

divesh said...

everytime I had that feeling for someone, it has hurt me, but I still feel that the feeling was amazing and when I had it, I enjoyed every moment of it..

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of strength to be in love with love. And you have never lost hope. I admire you a lot for that. :)

divesh said...

thank you.
If u have seen shawshank redemption u would know more about hope..

Anonymous said...

Hmm that's a movie I still have to watch. I guess that's what vacation is for... catching up on all the movies I have missed while my nose has been stuck in books!

@ Onthewings: I feel honored to have inspired such a lovely post. You have a nice way of taking your innermost emotions and putting them into words, some of which are difficult to express but you do it with ease. Honest writing is hard to come by these days. And yours is as honest as it gets :)

Onthewingsofadream said...

@ jagjit

I am crazy at times .. with such love talks :-)

@ divendiu

true ..only when u are in love u realise that such extreme opposite feelings does exist..

:-) ..I agree


I am sometimes fed of being strong ...but this hope keep it going ..:-)

thanks a lot ..

divinediu said...



Onthewingsofadream said...

oooops !!
sorry ...:-) me and spelling mistakes ... its such a shame at times ...
apologies ...

Pinku said... are right Love is greater than any lover. Love is God and life itself...carry on loving and dont get bogged down by the shallow narrow approach to love that most people seem to have.

and you are right there is a right one for evryone....they just sometimes take time to come along...but one mustn't give up hope.

Meow said...

I so agree with every word of what you have written in this post. I, too, sometimes think that I am more in love with love than the lovers themselves :)& just like you, I believe in pure, pious, eternal love.

Blessed Be,

Som said...

wow the world is not that big !! hoping from one blog to another when I arrived here; I was amazed to see a concept which I thought only I believed in "I love to love" ... it doesn't matter if I fall .. I will rise again like the phoenix and will be on my way ... the eternal sailor in search of Ithaca ...

well written and fluid post ... :)

Lubna said...

Kudee Guess wat , I am the one who is in love with all the beautiful things of world but LOVE ....ouch it hurts!!

Sunshine said...

i bloghopped here from somewhere and had to comment on this post!

ohmigod i cant believe someone else is so much like me!

"I never had to weigh the feelings for months to know whether I was in love or not. I just knew it and never tried to hide it. I did the same when I was out of love, just let the person know .I took the blame, said sorry and moved on. "

I've always been like that...i cant be bothered to play games & if i love, i let you know that pretty soon and if i don't i tell it on the face pretty soon as well!

*same pinch* :)

love ur blog btw...u shud write more often!



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