Friday, 30 January 2009

Unsettling things about settling down

Marriage is suppose to be one of the most awaited event in someone’s life .I agree it need some planning, preparation and discussions. I don’t blame parents to be concerned about the marriage of their children, but there has to be a line, a limit of pushing beyond certain threshold and some scope of open communication. This is especially true in case of girls.

When a girl reaches a certain age, everyone in the house, neighborhood and relations make match-making their business. All the actions are scrutinized keeping one aim in mind ‘marriage’.

If she gets into a good B school or job, people will say ‘now she would get good offers from well educated guys’.

Even today people don’t understand that a girl doesn’t study to get a decent match, she studies so that she can learn , judge , opt , work , earn and be independent, just like a guy. One of my friends was enthusiastic about the certification she is planning to get through by the year end. Her very ambitious brother in law didn’t even let her complete the sentence and remarked ‘your plan now should be to settle down’.

Some people try to project themselves as modern parents by openly announcing,’ we don’t mind her choosing her own partner as long as he is of our religion (cast, region), well educated, from a good family and having a steady (well paid) job”. So much for freedom!!

Daily I hear one or the other friend of mine struggling to convince her parents simple things like ‘ I am just not ready’ or ‘ It ain’t working for me’.

Another friend is fed up of talking to guys and every time she has to device a new excuse to tell ‘This is not the guy I’ll be like to share rest of my life’. I hate the trauma she goes through every time a new guy comes into picture .same questions, same apprehensions, same tamasha and same result. Now parents have zeroed down two guys and she has to pick one.What a choice...She said ‘I do rather do heads and tails and pick anyone because I like none’. But her parents are not listening.

One of my very good friends has left India and is definitely not coming back. Whenever her parents talk about marriage she simply hangs the phone.

All of these girls are good looking in their mid 20’s or late 20’s , single and open to love , and not ready to marry unless they are in love and 100 percent ready to spend their lives with the guy . They won’t marry if their parents won’t approve, but they won’t just marry to anyone their parents will choose.

I don’t know when people will accept that things are changing now and girls are not just a responsibility that you have to hand over to someone else and get tension free. And a girl has every right to say no for marriage if ‘ she don’t feel like kissing the guy’ ..:-)

Friday, 23 January 2009

A night in the cave

A dream, almost real
As I see it with open eyes
Of a night in a cave
With you by my side
Cave, yes a real cave
Home of a wild beast once
Rough and withered
Warm in a cold winter night
That’s the only comfort it provides
We can burn some wood sticks
For warmth and light

It calls me many a times
Me, unaware of roughness
I wonder why
Creepy insects, snakes perhaps
Will still inhibit it
Yes I am afraid of them

But still I want to be there
But with you by my side
Isolated from world
Webs! Uh the sight of them
I can’t stand
But it will be temporary abode
Of un-inhibited desires
I might not be aware
Of their existence
You will be having
My undivided devotion

We will carve few pictures
With stones on the walls
That will be discovered byCrazy people like us
Sometimes in future
If someone will take the same walk
We will talk about the past and future
Some real things
And dream some dreams together

I would love that look
In your eyes
Reflecting flames of the fire
When you will touch my hands
And share your desire
Your arms around me
To care and protect
And to tease for a while
I’ll take my turn

Scare you with a scream
And will be amused
At the changing expressions
When you get relief
Of me being fine
I’ll lie in your arms
And go into a deep slumber
Knowing that you will be awake
So that I can have a peaceful dream

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

~~ Last few days ~~

Though I have been around the blogspot and there was too much happening in my life ….this is my first post this year …few updates

My company is in news all over. Even if you happen to read news once in a while u can guess which IT company I work for .It was traumatic to deal with the queries of all the people I know on earth . Suddenly everyone is excited (not concerned) weather I will be getting my salary or not. It’s not over yet but still much better now.. and I am just like before cool and chilled out and love my company , my clients and my work .Period.

My family is really awesome …my dad and mom want to come to me and take me out for holidays because I am ( my company ) going through tough times and need some time away to relax… love you guys …

My best friend is a sweetheart for saying, ‘‘don‘t worry, I am there for you “… I don’t need any help...but sometimes these little words at right time are just perfect to make your day.
I have been addicted to … I may not agree with everything but its hell lot of fun.

I came across different job offers from various fields..and have been thinking about all the things that I wanted to do in life apart from this job … it made me feel better even if that’s not going to pay my bills ..

I read 1000 splendid suns … it’s a wonderful book ... I love Happy endings ..:-)

Did not do any shopping … that’s kind of a record …

Have been more disciplined on my diet and daily routine...So far so good



Cute blogger award

Cute blogger award
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