Thursday, 4 June 2009

Ten things ...

Tagged by Latin Sardar , I have to write 10 things about me that are not obvious ( lesser known)

1. I love art, flowers , tastefully decorated homes, artifects , paintings , theatre , even if I dont talk about it all the time and even if I am not good in recognising plants ,cannot paint , Act and struggle to keep my house sparkling clean.
2. I find it really hard to learn new language , even few basic words are tough for me .

3. I am very particular about food , I dont mind experimenting different cuisines , but its me who have to decide whether i'll taste the food or not.No u cannot make me even sample a spoonfull if I dont want to ... NO compromise here ..

4. Most of the things I do , I do them for a reason ...And the reason is ' I feel like doing it'. I cannot and will not give any logical reason .Facts and figues dont matter here.when I feel like doing something and if I can,I just go ahead and do it . Like last week I felt like painting a clay vase ....I did it in candlelight as there was no power at that time.when i want to do something , I cannot wait for even half an hour .
5. I loose my temper too soon , but not too often.

6. I love my friends and family a lot , but I dont mind being away from them ..I dont like being in the comfortable shell .Even if my parents will be in same city , I would rather choose to stay alone near by then in same house.

7. I like people who have some dreams , some ambition , some desires ....nothing turns me off than an aimless , dreamless life .... like people who say ' I have nice job, beautiful wife , car , home , what else i need ' ...its another thing to be thankful for what you have and another to be aimless.

8. I like people who are well toned, well dressed and well mannered , but this all have to look effortless . I appreciate a golden heart and intellgence but a litle effort to be presentable tells a lot about person.

9. My mind hardly sleeps ...its working non-stop,sometime I say two senetences that are not related because between these two sentences , I wud have thought about 3 more things in few seconds .

It does drive me crazy at times , especially when I cannot sleep as my mind choose to wander in unknown terrortries.

10 . I dont forget things , though I talk to 100's of people , I still remember what someone said 15 years ago ,even the minutest of detail.It amaze people and make then feel special. The negative is If u ever lie , I can connect links and make out .

and its over ...I could have written 10 more things ..or may be more ..someone please tag me again..

I think most of my friends have been tagged already , and if u are not , consider urself tagged ..



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Cute blogger award
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