Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Year Gone BY

2008 ....

I wanted to write down the highlights of the year gone by ... the goods, the bads and the lovely ..

I am sure i'll miss something if I try to compose everything in one Go ..so i'll be adding the list in next few days ..

* The best thing about the year 2008 was that I got to visit UK ... my first trip abroad ...I visited Uk twice and had hell lota fun time ...okie ..it was supposed to be BIZ trip ..

* Bought some 15+ shoes ... lots of cloths , perfumes , bags , junk jwellery .....

* Managed to keep my small apartment clean .. well most of the time ...

* Met my old friends ...and m glad we still share the love , laughter and chemistry..

* Attained Single status ...and m loving it ..

* learnt salsa ( if u can count 3 classes ..atleast I started )

* listened to old Punjabi songs --I love my Gurdas mann collection ..

* Got drunk and danced till wee hours of the day ..:-)

* walked alone for hours ... I love my company :-)

* Spend some quality time with my family ...finally they have accepted that I am the one in control of my life ..( U know what I mean )..

* Met couple of people that are now what you call ' friends for life '' .

* After a gap of 2-3 years felt like doing my nails in reds and blacks and blues again ... and wow i still get compliments ..

Enuff for now ....

p.s . list is random .. just like my thoughts ...

!! Celebrations !!

Amidst cost cuttings, low hikes and bleak future prospects, we celebrated Christmas and New Year party in office … As someone said ‘It’s been a bad year, all the more reason to celebrate its end....’

I was not expecting much support from the team as most of the team members are laid back …surprise!! I was able to collect money in record 10 minutes..And when I asked for volunteers to decorate the ODC, everyone lend a helping hand … guys took pain in dressing up today..Girls did have their touch of makeup in place... Manager looked happy even if he declined wearing Santa cap...

And everyone was talking about more such events in office … I couldn’t be happier …
somethings are changing ...already !!

There is a small Santa hanging on one side of my PC..Smiling at me, I smile back …

Dear Santa … wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a very happy New year Ahead!!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

In love with love

‘I am the one in love with love ‘, this is what I have been writing in about me section of my profile .It has raised a few eyebrows (as if I care), few sarcastic smiles that lead to comment ‘so u are in love again ‘, ‘I know what you mean’ expressions from my darling friends and sometimes from total strangers. Over the year I know this is what defines me perfectly, as I am more in love with love each passing day...

What does it mean to me to be in love? It’s always been about the feeling than the person. I absolutely loved the guys in my life, now I feel I was more in love with the way I feel when I was in love than the person.

I never had to weigh the feelings for months to know whether I was in love or not. I just knew it and never tried to hide it. I did the same when I was out of love, just let the person know .I took the blame, said sorry and moved on. Easier said than done, when relationships break, there are accusations, lies, blame games and endless nights of crying. I have been through all that and more .

When in the middle of sobbing one of the friends would say ‘that’s what happen when you are in love ‘,

I would retort ‘don’t say anything about love; it’s still the best thing that can happen to you’.

The truth is I believed in love more with each passing day. I still believe like a stupid love stuck teenager that pure, pious love that lasts till eternity is real.

I watch the moon with a fascination, enjoy the rains and sunsets. I smile at the love birds that walk hand in hand in streets; I hug old couples who have been together since what seems like eternity. My heart reaches out to people who fall out of love, I pray for friends who want to bitten by love bug.

I love being in love … with love.

Monday, 8 December 2008

From Kathakali to Cha cha cha …

It’s been a long and enriching journey for a girl who has been mesmerized by dance forms from all over the world at various stages of her life …

As a kid I used to watch kathakali and kuchipuri as aired by doordarshan once every week . I would be then practice the the steps till the next telecast, wrapping my mom’s dupattas as sari and wearing bright red makeup.Echos of ta thai tatha thai did amused them sometimes, or that’s what I choose to believe. To everyone’s relief I fell out of love with traditional dance forms soon and my next interest was Bollywood item songs .I’d dance every evening ( dupatta saris continued without makeup ).sometimes I would go to the hills near our house in Batote ( a hill station in Jammu and Kashmir) and dance for hours and hours in a stretch on the tunes of my own songs . I used to call myself a gypsy girl those days .

Then came the MTV fever...its virus spread like flu , I was a victim too. Now my room was bang bang with the likes of Madonna’s and Jacksons singing with me(J) … I still used my mom’s dupatta’s ,but this time to make wrap around or a back knot blouse on shorts … how can you dance without the proper look ! Ah those were the days of luxury. Everyday there was a different me...

I tried everything from head banging with black lipstick to the J lo hip shaking with stilettos...

And then came another turn in my dancing history …I joined an Engineering college where everyone used to love Punjabi songs. Yes ,Punjabi.And here I am not talking about Daler mehendi ..but Surjeet Bindrakhiya … and there is no kidding when this poor dancer was teased by all for doing disco on bhangra beats …was I to be blamed ..U can only empathize if you have heard those Punjabi songs ( I love them today , but back then they were nightmare ..) more so because if we used to party for 3 hours , for 2 hours we had to listen to this song ’ Tera yaar bolda ‘ .Then after a year it was ‘ Chandigarh kare aashiqui ‘ by B21. But then dancer in me slowly molded in to the Bhangra mode …and when I graduated after 4 years, I was known to do disco in Bhangra style.

Now the days of leisure were over. I started working in an IT company - 9 to 7 office hours, and lazy weekends .There was no time to dance daily. How much I missed my favorite pastime. How I wanted to dance on live Dhol again with bunch of cousins and friends, girls dressed up in ethnic salwar suits and lehanga’s. Glittering Bangles in bright colors, and sound of payal synchronizing with music …
I still play bhangra beats sometimes and try dancing in that small room of mine, but what’s this dance without the giggles and laughter’s of people around.

Then one day a girl in my office told me she is taking salsa classes. My eyes twinkled with a child like glee .This is what I should be doing. I have been thinking of joining salsa classes since some time. Luckily this lady started new batch last week only, and there I was wearing my dancing shoes again, excited like hell. I was so sure that as I have been dancing all my life, it would be cake walk. Surprise! I could not do basic steps. My foot moment was half , weight not on proper points , heels not down as they should be , hands too stiff , hip moments not too delicate .I felt terrible after first day . But then the very next day I wore a dress that flatters my figure , heels that aren’t too high yet give me perfect hip moment ,relaxed my body and let it flow on the beats of jive …one two three four and there I was in sync with music … then we learnt few steps of cha cha cha ..And it all seemed easy.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Broken Promises

With broken promises
And haunting memories
I stand alone,
Searching answers in horizon
on a misty evening ..

Warm breath embraces
The coldness around for a while
and some tears roll down
Unconsciously to meet the smile

I stand there
till the sun’s golden dust
Vanishes in the ash coloured night
I wait endlessly for dawn
with broken promises of some moonlit night.

p.s . one of my friend has done this painting that inspired me to write the poem .

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

first blog !!

Here I am, another person in the crowd, who thinks she has a so many interesting things to share.... and more so because all those interesting things are driving me crazy as they are lounging inside my head ... it’s better to get them out and let the world go crazy...

Hmmm ...so where to start from , what should be my first post ... that romantic poem that I wrote when I fell in love Nth time ... or some random story of the past ... the recent bomb blasts ... or review of White tiger that I finished yesterday ... it’s so tough to choose ..Damn we Librans....

After pondering over all these juggling thoughts I decided not to decide and just start writing ....

Something about me that I would probably add later in my profile.... I am a software engg ...working comfortably (way too comfortable I think ---its my 5th year in the same company) ..an IT professional who hates getting up early in morning (read 7:30) ... thinks Monday is the worst day of the week ... enjoys coffee breaks even if cribs about coffee daily ... experience whole range of emotions possible in a single day ,Every day ..
.. Who follows the moon in the office bus , who likes to feel the rain droplets on the face … I am a observer too , a poet and a writer … love to dance , chat , talk , read , watch movies …list is endless and so are my desire

And then
… I am someone who dreams, rather the one who lives on the wings of a dream



Cute blogger award

Cute blogger award
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