Wednesday, 3 December 2008

first blog !!

Here I am, another person in the crowd, who thinks she has a so many interesting things to share.... and more so because all those interesting things are driving me crazy as they are lounging inside my head ... it’s better to get them out and let the world go crazy...

Hmmm where to start from , what should be my first post ... that romantic poem that I wrote when I fell in love Nth time ... or some random story of the past ... the recent bomb blasts ... or review of White tiger that I finished yesterday ... it’s so tough to choose ..Damn we Librans....

After pondering over all these juggling thoughts I decided not to decide and just start writing ....

Something about me that I would probably add later in my profile.... I am a software engg ...working comfortably (way too comfortable I think ---its my 5th year in the same company) IT professional who hates getting up early in morning (read 7:30) ... thinks Monday is the worst day of the week ... enjoys coffee breaks even if cribs about coffee daily ... experience whole range of emotions possible in a single day ,Every day ..
.. Who follows the moon in the office bus , who likes to feel the rain droplets on the face … I am a observer too , a poet and a writer … love to dance , chat , talk , read , watch movies …list is endless and so are my desire

And then
… I am someone who dreams, rather the one who lives on the wings of a dream

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Cute blogger award
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