Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sex and the City

I do absolutely love the serial and the movie ...but I am not going to discuss it here...

It just hit me one of these days when my colleague was discussing on the image factor in Office. our ‘sex ‘ is still being judged under the narrow scales of pseudo –morality standards in this city as in any other city .Small or big, metro or retro, IT driven or Business dominated.

She told me not to mention my marital status in office because then things will be different as many people already think I am being unwise in taking control of my life.

I am more professional than anyone else in office and my seniors know that .They judge me on my work and that’s enough for me. I don’t need opinion of Mr. anybody’s of office as to whom to talk and how to dress up. I have been told at least hundred times that I am the best professionally dressed up woman in my office. I can but sympathize with others who just see skirts.

People are too eager to classify and categorize you, if you are wearing skirts, drinking and moving around with guys, you are bad girl, who don’t value culture and religion. I just choose to ignore people with such mentality. I am well over the age when I can choose what to wear and what to drink and whom to hang out with … thanks guys I don’t like things that are free, and that include your advices.

And then people raising an eyebrow every time you mention you live alone …do I need to mention why they do so. Guys! There is much more in life than boyfriends and sex.

It’s another problem to be strong independent women (I would like to keep that face even if I am dying inside). You are heartless and insensitive if you don’t cry and look pathetic. You are a suspect when you are not blaming, and you are arrogant and aloof when you are not publicly washing your dirty laundry .your silence and smile can be your most devious enemies at times. Call me whatever you want to, I smile in public and cry alone.

And I love my life in spite of the odds …



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Cute blogger award
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