Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Longing for a date with myself

Amidst a hectic lifestyle and trying to be super-human; managing work, friends, family, love life and virtual life, we end up losing touch with the most important person, our own self. Even the so-called ‘Me time’ on weekends/ holidays is spent with other people and we end up being tired rather than relaxed. I, like many people around me, crave for that one day when I can have a date with myself. It should be easy right? There are no appointments to be made, no fees to be paid …wrong! It’s a hard realization that I am not that easily available to myself, not anymore. There are other things that have taken priority.

Sometimes I feel like packing my bags and going for a holiday just like that, to spend some time away from the maddening world around me. Ideally, I would love to switch off my phone and not check my mails /orkut/Facebook/blog. I would walk for hours on a beach, dance away the evenings and indulge in body spa for hours .I would love to visit some religious places and eat my favorite foods, meet new people and silently watch the sunset. I would love to sleep for a good 10 hours and do window-shopping the rest of the time. I wish I could shut out the worries of day to day life from my mind for a few days and enjoy peaceful sleep interrupted only by beautiful dreams.

I have been promising myself this date for long, where I will have my undivided attention and when I will spare no effort in pampering myself. I will listen to myself with patience like I have never done before and I will discover things about me that I never knew existed.

I hope I get to do that soon…

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Best thing you can do with your lips

A Kiss can tell from where its coming ....

.......and a kiss can tell where its leading

A Kiss is the healthiest appetiser and the yummiest dessert. The magic of a kiss is unmatched as is its disappointment. It is often the first step towards an intimate relationship and sometimes the end of a potential love affair. To perfect the art of kissing you need to follow your heart more than any how-to book. A Kiss often reveals where its coming from : the mind, the heart, lust or desire. Often the eyes and words fail to express what a touch of lips on lips can convey. It is over-rated by some and just part of the customary foreplay before the main act for others. I have been thinking of the different kinds of kisses and I am sure there must be hundreds but here are a few that come to my mind :-

1. Feather touch :- A gentle brush of lips on lips, often the first kiss between lovers. The eyes are closed and the bodies slowly moving closer to each other. The lips quiver before they touch and then slowly explore the curves of the partner. It doesn’t deepen very soon and the lips part after sometime, when the lovers look at each other and often end up in a tight embrace celebrating that first kiss.

2. The Teaser :- With one person taking on the role of a teaser and exploring his/her partner’s lips in all possible ways, nibbling on the lower and upper lips in turn, using the tip of the tongue to tease just a bit...and drawing apart when the partner wants more .

Fun fun fun !!!
3. Twisted two :- A passionate wet kiss with the tongue exploring more than just the lips of the partner. You need to be careful with this one if your partner is not that experimental or if it’s the first time. Not everyone is up for twisted tongue fun but for the right couple it can lead to many magical moments.

4.Short and sweet:- It’s the straight-from-the-heart kind that is just another way of saying 'I love you' . It is best when least expected. It may not lead to anything immediately but it will stay with you for a long long time.

5. Quick and clumsy :- When it’s just a mechanical thing with the end result in mind you can end up making kissing boring and ineffective. This one is the biggest turn off.

6. Lick and go :- An unexpected lick round the corner of your lips in the middle of shopping, a movie or an outing with friends is more sensuous than any other kind of kiss especially when teamed with that 'I want you’ look in your eyes. It leaves you wanting more and it makes sure that you’ll rip off each other’s clothes the moment you are alone.

7. Never Ending passion:- Try kissing for as long as possible without breaking contact, setting records and breaking them often. It’s fun when you discover that your partner’s lips are the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted.

8.Chocolate treat:- Get dirty with a kiss. Play with a piece of chocolate, try to get it from each other’s mouth… till the chocolate and lips taste the same.

9.Any place but lips :- This one is another teaser. Get close and passionate, play this game of not kissing on the lips but everywhere else ...see how long you can control that temptation.

10. Please add your fav here .... Every one has their own fav way of savouring the lips of his/her partner..

P.S :- All terms are coined by me ...



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