Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Fantasies .... and reality :)

Last few days have been interesting, well! A little more than interesting. I had to take off from project as I desperately needed a break and haven’t been home (jammu) for more than a year now. still instead of rushing home to meet my darling nephew and spend some time with family , I just stayed at home at Bangalore .I thought I’ll be reading some technical stuff , but end up partying and reading novels ….and yes ,sleeping. I have been partying a lot of late, meeting new people and visiting new places, and with that come different experiences.

So, I went out with this cool couple .we had fun time .We talked crap all night and boozed and danced away the evening .And after two days , I get this message from this guy that what I think about threesome . He put this thought forward as if it was the most natural thing to follow after that evening .Surprisingly , I wasn’t appalled or even thrilled .My reaction was a hearty laugh at the thought and polite No as answer .In fact ,in theory I find multi-partner sex quite interesting , at the same time I cannot imagine myself a part of this sexual experimentation.

As far as I am considered, I cannot dream of sharing my partner with anyone , and at the same time I cannot be intimate with anyone unless I am really in love with the person . so, such an experimentation is out of question ..At least as of now. But at the same time , I don’t think it’s a bad deed for people who are anyways in relations because of reasons other than love .If it’s just for fun relation, then why not have more fun .

I discussed this with couple of my friends ..let me share the reactions.
First guy was like go ahead , we hardly meet such couples in real , there is no harm in trying this .And when I said , I am not interested , his reaction was “ Are you afraid of getting naked in front of a couple at the same time?” afraid was definitely what I was feeling .after few minutes he was like “ Do it if you are upto some fun and experimentation and if you like the couple ..or just say no and enjoy ..:) He was also pretty much cool with the idea.
The second dude suddenly was all attentive and wanted more details. How do I know the couple? How long we have been friends? What the guy exactly said ? What was my reply? What all we talked on that day when we were partying? And all such questions .after a brief analysis came the response “ What about converting threesome into foursome ?and then I disappointed him by telling that I don’t indulge in casual sex .Of course he was just teasing me but then I cannot rule out that this didn’t give him ideas.
I am yet to discuss this with my gal pals, will keep you guys posted of their reactions.
Now this situation made me sit down and think, Is casual sex for fun has really come out of fantasies and find a place in our homes. So, My question to you my fellow friends is “How would you react to this question/ situation in real life”. Has any one of you faced such situation and has anyone indulged in this in real? I know that most of the guys would jump at the opportunity, but I want to know if the same guy is really OK with his partner to be involved in this. have you ever discussed the topic with your partner ?I would particularly want to know what the ladies think about this. What would be your reaction if your partner suggests such experimentation? And if ever you are game for it, will you like to go with a known friend or a total stranger.
I know most people will publicly condemning the idea , it might be even disgusting to some .But here what I am looking for is not a debate on society , family values and culture .I am seeking answers about the feeling part .what’s your natural guilt free reaction to it ? Deep within what you think about the whole issue of multi-partner sex.

I wrote this all over a cup of coffee at 5:30 Am at the airport yesterday. Some thoughts just can’t stay in, they have to be poured .
More about the journey …in the next blog …and if you have noticed I am back to blogosphere after a long break.



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