Thursday, 4 December 2008

Broken Promises

With broken promises
And haunting memories
I stand alone,
Searching answers in horizon
on a misty evening ..

Warm breath embraces
The coldness around for a while
and some tears roll down
Unconsciously to meet the smile

I stand there
till the sun’s golden dust
Vanishes in the ash coloured night
I wait endlessly for dawn
with broken promises of some moonlit night.

p.s . one of my friend has done this painting that inspired me to write the poem .


Vikas said...

Nice article! Keep writing!

Twisted Elegance.... said...

The painting is so beautiful. The poem too :) keep writing!

Jagjit said...

i like the poem vry mch.
keep writing :)

divesh said...

the poem is nice but its too negative..

Onthewingsofadream said...

thanks everyone !

Divesh ! it end with a hope ..wait of dawn ...

Anonymous said...


thoughts with melody - thats what i will call this one!!
keep writing poems

VJ Sophie said...

Nice poem..!!

Som said...

Amazing .. voice from the depth of ones heart. Made me recall something I wrote once ...

Another dusk, another night falls;
Am I getting closer to you my destiny?
Patience they say is a virtue,
That’s why I am living on …. Out of Hope
That the Sunset tomorrow won’t be lonesome again



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