Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2010…May this year your wish lists get tick marks and all the worries and problems of 2009 stay there and never make it to 2010.

As another year comes to an end and a New year promising Joy and happiness beckons , it’s time for me to sit back and count my blessings , make a note of things I could have done /handled better , thank God and family for being there , and to pray and plan for this year.

2009 was an year of missed opportunities and uncertainties .Things looked promising at one point and overnight I had a totally different scenario .This was particularly true at job front, but even my personal life was not far from it. But in the end I thank God for no major shocks and pray that this year at least few of the “tentative” things materialize.

I had a bad year as far as health is concerned. I felt sick almost every week, as a result my immune system got totally battered. I took a break from work and am spending one month with my family to regain health and thank God, I feel better and look better. The magic of mom never fails to work.

2009 was an year when I finally learnt to handle relationships better, be it with friends, guys, family and relatives, I learnt to be firm without being rude, when to argue and when to hold on, whom to avoid and whom to indulge with .No more of old emotional me for this year as well, as I am determined to keep negative people and thoughts at bay.

I had this yearning all through last year to pray more and to be with God more often in my own little way; unfortunately I could not do that. Though in Last couple of weeks I managed to pray often and more .This is one thing I am determined to keep doing in the coming years. I feel lost without Him.

I had messed up financial stats till last year, I got everything back to track….I‘ll call it an achievement.

For many months my mind was in strange state of “inactivity” , I just relaxed and did nothing , and one fine day I feel like writing again , I feel best when I can take out my pen and paper and write till me fingers ache.

I did lots of shopping, partied and met lots of people. And I can see parties and people in 2010 too… do I need more excuses to shop.

I spend lot of quality time with my family after 6 years, and also met some old friends, got in touch with old buddies through FB/orkut . Some relations defy time and distance .thank God for these wonderful people in my life.

I shifted house and first time in my life spend more time choosing curtains and bed sheets than my cloths, I never knew I love decorating home. I recently got cushions with silk embroidery and some artifacts, my New Year gift to my home. I wish to change my house again this year, and this time I’d rather shift to my own house instead of rented one.

In 2010, I wish to travel, get better job, and get some romance back in my life and to have good health so that I can enjoy them.


hitch writer said...

Happy New year... ! hope you have a wonderful one ahead... ! and if you really want.. may you again have to shift houses !! :P :P :P

chalie said...

Hi buddy...we don’t know each other and I came up to your blog while searching something and I must admit your blog did make me smile for long.

Well, honestly, I started with your first blog of the year 2010 and ended with the first blog on your webpage :) ..I must admit it seems that there are still few mavericks left in the world besides me and you made me realise it today... kudos to you and keep up with the great blog that you maintain.

Get well soon as you truly say ”magic of mom never fails” and yes believe in the punch line of yours "I love being in love... with love" I must say that it is the silliest but the greatest and most touching punch line I have heard in the recent days (no sarcasms intended).

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2010 and keep up the Wings of Dream stronger than ever. 2009 was tough for everyone but we have our dreams to drive ourselves through an even tougher tommorow, isnt it?

Enjoy your stay at home .....Byeeeeeeeeeeee

Antarman said...

Happy New year!!!Every year brings with it new challenges and opportunities. May you rise up to the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities. My best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010.

All the best for you new home !..decorating our own place is such a pleasure.I love to shop for house, specially handicrafts and handlooms.

Antarman said...

its ME:)..this is one of my anonymous blog, come there and you will recognise me:)

Anonymous said...
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batates_777 said...

and I wish you a happy new year..a blessed yr , with all dreams n wishes to come true, and health above all..:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy new year! May all your aspirations be fulfilled and dreams come true. And ofcourse, may you never be short of dreams. :-)

Bullshee said...

Nice round up of 2009! Sounds like you had a rough, but interesting year...hope 2010 is much, much better and you get to dance with joy writing the same post next December!

Vigneshwar said...

happy new year :)

deeps said...

great ,,, there is something happening at your end...

hope the new year brings you lots of happiness and luck..
keep :-)

AJai said...

Hey happy new year!
Don't worry keep smiling and keep looking like you do in your profile pic and i'm sure life's going to be good for u. ;)

Antarman said...

helloooo! kahan ho?

Rahul Jain said...

Happy new year.
According to me, life always give you situation which could either make you or break you.
People light break, but rising up and facing the situation is called a warroir. Not always who win is best, but he who learns from everything at every point is to be considered as best

Shrav said...

Happy new year to you too :)

Good luck with all your endeavors! :)

Vinod R Iyer said...

New year, new hope , new life .. enjoy all of them :)

John Papers said...

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